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                  Activities Price
Swimming pool 2 times per week 24€/month
Swimming pool 1 time per week 12€/month
Gym 2 times per week 12€/month
Swimming pool 1 time and gym 1 time per week 18€/month


 Important: activity prices may change during the year.




How and when to pay:



The fee for education at the health center is paid for each month until the 15th day of the current month. If the fee is reduced in accordance with clause 9 of the contract, the payment receipt with the specified amount is sent by email. The receipt is of a reminder nature only, failure to receive the receipt does not exempt from payment.


Activities that do not take place on public holidays are not reimbursed. During the autumn, winter and spring holidays of general education students, activities take place and the payment procedure does not change. If events take place at that time in accordance with the Centre's annual activity plan, the sessions will be rescheduled.


Recipients of the service pay the fee by bank transfer to the following account:


Luminor Bank, account No. LT66 4010 0510 0346 2787.

When paying by bank transfer, it is necessary to specify: „Biudžetinei įstaigai „Biudžetinių įstaigų buhalterinė apskaita“ (BIBA) (įstaigos kodas 300035837).

Indicate in the payment destination column: full name(s) of the student(s),

identification code (eg. Firstname Lastname AB1)




Education tax benefits:


1. Recipients of social benefits and social assistance are exempted from the education fee at the Center.


2. If three or more students from the same family attend the Centre's activities, the fee for students (except those mentioned in clause 7.1) is reduced by 50 per cent.

3. The tax relief can be applied to students with disabilities, loss of one or both parents, volunteers, students of foster homes, children of Vilnius city mother and child boarding school and students of exceptional talents, at the suggestion of the Centre's teachers. Decisions on tax exemptions or reductions for specific students shall be made by a resolution of the Teachers' Council of the Center within 10 calendar days from the date of submission of the application.




The fee for non-formal education services is reduced:

1. 50 per cent - if the pupil missed classes due to justified reasons: 14 uninterrupted calendar days and more of illness or other important and justified reasons (except for children's and parents' vacation) upon written request of parents (guardians, caregivers) or adult pupil and justified a document confirming the cause (within 10 calendar days after the illness);


2. In proportion - if the educational process is not carried out due to important reasons (accidents, epidemics, etc.).

3. The service fee is not calculated during the students' summer vacation.

4. The pupil's parents (guardians, custodians), who may benefit from the benefits specified in clause 7 of the Agreement, must submit to the Director of the Center: an application and a certificate (copy of the certificate) from the Social Benefits Division that proves that the pupil in question has the right to or is receiving social assistance and / or benefit and other necessary documents. Failure to submit the required documents will result in a general fee.


5. The education fee benefits for pupils apply only to one group selected by the Center (except for the pupils for whom the benefits are provided for in point 8).